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Mahatma Gandhiji's Fasts and Satyagrahas..

1948 Jan. 13 Fasted for five days in Delhi for communal unity. 1947 Sept. Fasted for three days to stop communal violence in Calcutta. 1947 Aug. 15 Fasted and prayed to combat riots in Calcutta as India was partitioned and granted independence. 1944 Feb. 22 Kasturba died in detention at Aga Khan Palace at age of seventy-four. 1943 Feb. 10 Began 21-day fast at Aga Khan Palace to end deadlock of negotiations between Viceroy and Indian leaders. 1942 Aug.Mahadev Desai, Gandhi's secretary and intimate, died in Palace. 1942 Aug. 9Arrested with other Congress leaders and Kasturba and imprisoned in Aga Khan Palace near Poona, with populace revolting in many parts of India. He began correspondence with Viceroy. 1942 Aug.Congress passed "Quit India" resolution - the final nation-wide satyagraha campaign - with Gandhi as leader. 1940 Oct.Launched limited, individual civil-disobedience campaign against Britain's refusal to allow Indians to express their opinions regarding World

Dr M. Chidananda murthy, is this year's invited speaker !

This year's (2012) Annual Golden Jubilee Endowment Lectures , Dr.  Chidanand Murthy, noted scholar, Researcher, of Bengaluru.  The subject being : Hampi ; Capital of Vijayanagar-A cultural review. -(On  Saturday, 28-01-2012 at 6.00 pm to 8-30 pm) -(On Sunday, 29-01-2012 he will talk on,  at 11 am to 1 pm) Greater Karnataka, Organized by : This program is being arranged by Dr. G. N. Upadhya, Head, Dept. of kannada, University of Mumbai, Vidyanagar, Mumbai-98,  and Y. D. Venkatesh, Hon. Secretary The Mysore Association, Mumbai-19